Product tutorials for humans

Create automated help and onboarding tutorials which feel like a conversation even though no one is there. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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Multistep tutorials for humans

Keeping a person's attention is hard. Especially when they feel like they're treated like a robot. πŸ€–Treat them like a human instead and talk to them as if they're in the room.

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Demo new features with ease

You put a lot of work into new features. But they often go unnoticed or overlooked. 🧐 Help teach your users about how your new features are, without being obstructive.

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Reduce user confusion

Products are complicated. Users hardly ever look at FAQs or help forums. πŸ—‚ Reduce your users' confusion by interactively showing them around your product.

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Coming September 2018

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